Discover SAP CRM

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Discover SAP CRM

written by Srini Katta
Understand how to make sure your customers are heard and their needs are addressed with this guide to SAP’s CRM solution. Perfect for everyone new to SAP CRM, this introduction explains what CRM is, how it can improve customer relationships, and how it can enhance cost effectiveness and profitability across your business. Apply customer examples and practical insight to see how SAP CRM works in the real world.
  • Learn what customer relationship management with SAP is
  • Discover how marketing, sales, and service help you build customer relationships
  • Real-world examples of other companies that use SAP CRM

With this book, you’ll learn:

  1. What SAP CRM is All About

    Get the topic overviews, definitions of terminology, and clear explanations of business processes.

  2. Answers to Your CRM Questions

    Learn who your customers are, what IT functions you need to support them, and the industry requirements and pain points.

  3. How SAP CRM Works in the Real World

    Explore in-depth case studies and find out how other companies have supplemented their business processes with SAP CRM.

Highlights include:

  • Marketing, sales, and service
  • Web Channel Experience Management
  • Customer interaction channels
  • Master data
  • Analytics
  • Industry verticals
  • Partner channels

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Discover SAP CRM

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