Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

Cover of Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

written by John Jordan
Whether you’re an end user, manager, or consultant, this is your ultimate resource to the variance analysis cycle. This book focuses on the processes and reports that assist with all phases of the Controlling process. You’ll learn concepts on a simple and easy-to-understand level, while being introduced to in-depth information on master data and configuration setup requirements, based on SAP ERP 6.0.
  • Master production variance analysis in Controlling (CO) with SAP
  • Reveal breakdown points in your company’s performance and explore how these processes can be improved
  • Learn how to make production processes more efficient to positively impact your bottom line
  • Second edition, updated and revised

In this book, you’ll find:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

    Discover in-depth chapters that deal with each major sub-component of variance analysis, and include real-life examples and case study scenarios.

  2. Process Instructions

    Explore all of the main processes, topics, and steps you will need in chronological order to effectively implement and conduct production variance analysis with the Controlling component.

  3. Information on CO Integration

    Learn how Controlling integrates with other SAP functionalities, such as Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM).

  4. Resources

    Use the extensive glossary as a reference in your daily work and find further reading and resources to expand your knowledge on Controlling topics.

From the Contents:

  • Initial planning
  • Cost estimates
  • Actual costs
  • Period-end processing
  • Scrap variance analysis
  • Reporting
  • Standard cost estimate
  • Total variance
  • Planning scenarios

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Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

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