SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – The Comprehensive Guide

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - The Comprehensive Guide

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – The Comprehensive Guide

written by Christian Ah-Soon, Jim Brogden, Dallas Marks, Gabriel Orthous, Heather Sinkwitz


Bring your data presentations into focus with this comprehensive guide to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Updated for Webi 4.2, this book will teach you to create, design, and share your reports, while exploring the fundamentals of Webi and its extended capabilities. This fourth edition includes information on data source options for building new documents and queries, and a new HTML5-based viewing interface. Punch up your reporting and analysis!
  • Your one-stop reference for all things Webi
  • From report creation to publication, and everything in between
  • Updated for release 4.2, SAP HANA, and more

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. SAP BI 4.2 SP4

    Dive into Web Intelligence 4.2 enhancements and platform improvements, including a new HTML5 user interface, support for geomaps, and access to additional data sources.

  2. Webi from A to Z

    Get the complete picture of working with Web Intelligence, from creation to publication. From the first step to the last, learn how to design reports that make an impact with this comprehensive guide.

  3. Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer

    Discover the HTML5-based Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer and BI launchpad, a fully integrated interface for organizing, viewing, analyzing, and sharing business intelligence content.

Highlights include:

  • Release 4.2
  • HTML and Java viewers
  • Report and query creation
  • Chart engine and geomaps
  • Multidimensional data sources
  • Data filters
  • Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 6.x
  • Web Intelligence security

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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - The Comprehensive Guide

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