SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Cover of SAP Treasury and Risk Management

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

written by Rudolf Bryša, Thomas Fritzsche, Markus Heß, Sönke Jarré, Reinhold Lövenich, Andreas Martin, Klaus G. Müller
Manage financial risk more effectively with this comprehensive guide to SAP’s treasury and risk management solutions. This book describes the areas of transaction management, position management, market data, and hedge management in great detail. You’ll quickly learn how to maximize the potential of SAP Treasury and Risk Management and how to apply practical financial concepts to system interfaces.
  • Explains functions, usage, and configuration in detail
  • Highlights solutions for real-world obstacles and addresses the most common problem areas
  • New topics: exposure management, hedge accounting, correspondence, and much more
  • 2nd edition updated and expanded

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. The Basics

    Understand how to work with and ensure the quality of your master and market data, and get to know transaction management processes in detail.

  2. Position Management and FI Integration

    Get familiar with position management in the Transaction Manager, external position management, and integration with the SAP General Ledger and other SAP components.

  3. Exposure and Hedge Management

    Learn how to manage your hedge risks from operations, treasury external risks, or treasury positions.

  4. Portfolio Controlling

    Find out what tools are available to monitor the risks of your portfolio and how to use them: Market Risk Analyzer, Value at Risk, or the results database.

Highlights include:

  • Master and market data
  • Transaction management
  • Correspondence
  • Position and exposure management
  • Integration with other modules
  • Hedge Accounting for Exposures and Positions
  • Reporting
  • Portfolio controlling with the Analyzers
  • Interfaces and enhancements
  • Legal regulations
  • Integration and system tools

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SAP Treasury and Risk Management

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