Text Analytics with SAP

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Text Analytics with SAP

written by Hillary Bliss, Bruce Labbate
There’s a lot of value in unstructured data, but parsing it isn’t something any old analytics engine can do. In this E-Bite, find out how to use SAP HANA, SAP Data Services, and SAP Predictive Analytics for linguistic and sentiment analysis. Get a crash course in the fundamentals of text analysis, and then learn how to perform full-text indexing, text mining, entity extraction, and more. Do you know what your customers are saying?
  • Perform linguistic and sentiment analysis with SAP HANA
  • Explore SAP Data Services’ ready-to-use text analysis capabilities
  • Use real-life sample data to parse customer reviews and other unstructured data

Content Keywords: Entity extraction, fact extraction, text mining, KXEN, SAP InfiniteInsight

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Text Analytics with SAP

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