The SAP General Ledger

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The SAP General Ledger

written by Eric Bauer, Jörg Siebert
What should you take into consideration for your implementation of the New General Ledger? Learn the optimal settings for ledger definition and document splitting, as well as the integration with accounting. This book includes a detailed description of accounting in parallel, including segmentation reporting, storage location of data, and much more. A must-have for all finance professionals who have migrated or will be migrating to the SAP General Ledger, this book is a resource that can be used in daily work and at the implementation level.
  • Design, customization, and implementation of the SAP General Ledger
  • New ledger definitions, document splitting, profit center accounting, and parallel accounting
  • Migration project, migration cockpit, and best practices to migrate from classic the New General Ledger

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Integration with Financial Accounting

    Get an in-depth understanding of profit center accounting in General Ledger, follow-up costs, and period-end closing.

  2. Design and Feature of the Ledgers

    Get to know the features and scenarios of leading and non-leading ledgers and how to handle custom fields.

  3. Document Splitting

    Learn how to design, configure, and use document splitting, and get to know the active and passive document split.

  4. Practical Reports

    Ensure your processes are in compliance with practical General Ledger reporting.

Highlights include:

  • General Ledger accounting
  • Parallel accounting (IFRS, HGB)
  • Segment reporting
  • Migration and migration cockpit
  • CO-FI real-time integration
  • Custom fields
  • SAP Services and Migration Scenarios

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The SAP General Ledger

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